Our Team

Executive Team

Abraham H. Fruchthandler

Management Committee Chairman
Founder & Managing Member, FBE Limited LLC

Alan H. Schechter

Chief Financial Officer
Member of Management Committee

Yehoshua Leib Fruchthandler

Member of Management Committee

Investment Team

Isaac Fruchthandler

Managing Member of Opus Capital
Chief Operating Officer of Fund-of-Funds Division Member of Investment Committee

M. Jake Arjang

Chief Operating Officer of Opus Capital
Chief Portfolio Officer of Fund-of-Funds
Division Member of Investment Committee

Gabe Feder

Chief Sourcing Officer
Member of Investment Committee

Compliance, Operations and Business Development Team

Neil Simon

Chief Compliance Officer
General Counsel, FBE Limited LLC

Josh Spierer

Chief Accounting & Reporting Officer

Lindsey Sichel Rubinstein

Chief Marketing & Investor Relations Officer
and Managing Director of Opus Capital 

*NOTE: The Fund of Funds Investment Committee will have the exclusive authority to make all investment decisions and to decide on all investment allocation and re-allocation determinations, which decisions will be carried out by its Executive Officers in their respective roles. The Executive Officers of the Fund-of-Funds Division, as well as the Fund of Funds Investment Committee, will be under the overall supervision and control of the Management Committee and, as needed and/or requested, will report to (i) the Management Committee on all policy related matters and (ii) the CCO on compliance matters. All references to titles herein refer to Opus Investment unless otherwise indicated.


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